Developing the necessary skills requires: Time, Patience and Hard work.
The end result will be rewarding.
Our Academy will demand more from you than others.
Our experienced Instructors will work towards making you nothing but a Skilled Professional. 

L.E. /  NRA / Security Training:

NRA Courses
Range Safety Officer, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun. In the Home Personal Protection.
Call for schedule or visit the NRA website to register.

Close Quarters / Active Shooter .
Call for appointment.

Tactical Shoot-house.
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Firearms Disassembly/Assembly.
(Proper Maintenance).
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Port & Vessel Security
Call for appointment.

Fire Guard Examination Preparation
(NYFD Exam Preparation Course).
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Weapons of Mass Destructions for the First Responder
(FEMA/DHS Training Course).
Call for appointment.

 Executive Protection / Body Guard
(Valuable VIP Protection Course).
Call for appointment.

OC Spray  (Pepper Spray)
(Proper Use and Decontamination of Oleoresin Capsicum
also known as Pepper Spray).
Call for appointment.

Metal Detectors Training
(Proper use of Walk Through Scanners and Hand Held Detectors).
Call for appointment.

Speed Cuffing
(Tactical Skills on  Handcuffing and Control).
Call for appointment.

Self Defense Courses
(Firearms Retention, The Art of Disarming, Concealed Carry, Urban Survival,
Confined Area Tactics, Building Searches, Opponent Take Down).
Call for appointment.

Peace Warrior
(Professional Communication Skills).
Call for appointment.

Law enforcement K9 Handler.
Basic K9 Instructor Cerification.
Call for details.

NYS Unarmed and Armed Security Training By VALASTRO Intl. Academy
(NYSDCJS 8Hrs Pre-Assignment, 16Hrs on the Job, 47 Hrs Armed Guard,
47Hrs Armored Car Guard & Annuals Recertifications Courses).
Call for Scheduling .

Our L. E. Services
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